Our Product


Our Mission

MiraX will bring forward a World-Class Health System from the Natural Life Cycle.


Vision Statement

To form a conative state to the natural process of life, with a vision to give true value to human life.


How Mira-X was born

Mira-X started as a clay company known as Miraclays. Miraclays was Founded by Michael Douglas, Kathy Douglas, and Jeff Newman. The project was started to bring ancient, natural ingredients and modern medical technology together to attack modern-day problems.

Justin Fabre arrived in Colorado with a huge interest in the CBD industry. Shortly after arriving, Justin was introduced to Michael Douglas by a mutual friend. After Justin and Michael met, they were off to the races. Michael explained to Justin the properties and benefits of the clay for plants, animals, and humans. As they began their journey together, Michael then brought Justin to the CBD labs, showing him what the internal extraction process looked like on an industrial scale.

Michael then started buying CBD from the lab in different forms. He studied the medicinal properties of each form of CBD and their performance when being transferred into a product. A new company was born--Mira-X.

In the end, Michael put together an extremely strong team of individuals. One of these individuals was a pharmacist by the name of Doug Massingal. Having his own great experience with the product, he agreed to mix and blend us a presentable cream. He created a beautifully-formulated cream that could bring tears to your eyes.

Mira-X promises to continue growing and evolving.


Benefit 1

Optimal for use on an array of different problems.


Benefit 2

Continuous feedback from customers with rapid results.


Benefit 3

A unique combination of specific ingredients.

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