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Are you ready to say goodbye to pesky skin issues like itching, burning, or open wounds? MiraX introduces it's pharmaceutical cream with mountains of protection. This pharmaceutical cream is specially formulated with a blend of ingredients that work better together. Don't just take our word for it - see the dramatic results from our customers below. Then try MiraX's cream today; your skin will thank you!

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Discover the difference Mira-X has made in people's lives.

Individual Case Studies

Mira-X users share their stories and experiences. Read about the effects of our pharmaceutical cream on a range of injuries and conditions such as cuts and burns, skin problems, and more.

How Antibiotic Drug Resistance Happens it safe?

Mira-X uses a coalition of farmers who grow CBD organically with NO pesticides. Grown and extracted from the United States, all of Mira-X products are tested by third-party labs from start to finish. In addition, 8-panel testing is done on our plants to show no heavy metals and pesticides were used in the process.

How Does CBD Work in the Body?


"This cream is amazing. It should be in every diaper bag & medicine cabinet in the world."

— Schona Schlaht
Colorado Springs, Colorado

"Once I started using the cream, I knew I would be fine to compete. It was the only time I could walk, and not feel pain."

— Jazlyn Griffin
Houma, Louisiana

"The cast ate through wounds & caused pressure sores. The next option was plastic surgery. The doctor was amazed by her improvement."

— Kimi Pitri
Cut Off, Louisiana

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